The Viceroy of India

The Viceroy of India was created three decades ago and has continued to enjoy a well earned reputation as one of the city's finest Indian restaurants. There are some unusual dishes to try such as Goan Roast Duckling, £8.50,Trout Tandoori, or the Korai Gosht - a speciality from the Kyber Pass.

The Viceroy of India restaurant interior

Abdul Latif and Abdul Motlib are the brothers who have carried on their father's mission to provide Swansea with some great subcontinental cuisine, and take great pride in providing seamless but friendly service. The naan breads are perfection, and the balance of spices used in the main dishes ensure that the full flavour of the dish is apparent, and not overpowering.

The Viceroy is quite simply one of those places that you needn't worry about when you arrive. That may sound a strange thing to say, but here you don't have to worry about being acknowledged on arrival, your meal and drinks orders are taken promptly, the meal arrives on time (and there is no pressure to finish quickly), the service is efficient, and the price very reasonable. In essence, The Viceroy delivers where others struggle.

Staff and Owners of The Viceroy of India


The Viceroy of India Sample Menu

This is a sample menu and items and prices are subject to change.

King Prawn Bahar - king size prawns spiced with medium sauce served with thin bread £4.50
Haryali Kebab - minced chicken with herbs and spices £2.90
Aloo Tikka Chat - small pieces of potato spiced with sweet and sour sauce £2.70
Dal Soup - lentils £2.50
Aloo Chops - baked potato, mashed and mixed with spring onions and coriander, lots of mustard and formed into patties and pan fried in bread crumbs.

Mains and House Specialities
Chicken Badam Pasanda -boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, cooked with fresh cream, blended mixed nuts & spices topped with flaked almonds £6.25
Jardaloo Sali Boti - diced lamb cooked with apricots £6.50
Shofri Ghost - lamb cooked with vegetables, medium hot £5.25
Chingri Jhol Masala - king prawns cooked with thick sauce ganished with tomatoes, onions and peppers £8.50
Malaya Chicken Biryani - basmati rice cooked with chicken and pineapple served with vegetable curry and mixed vegetables £6.95

Side dishes
Chana masala - chick peas cooked in butter, fresh herbs and spices
Sabzi Bhaji -mixed vegetables cooked in butter with tomatoes, onions and green peppers, served dry £2.50
Aloo Baigan Dupiaza - small pieces of potato and aubergine, cooked with a variety of spices, onions and green peppers £4.50
Peshwari Nan - filled with a sweet stuffing of fine almonds and raisins £1.80
Chapati - thin soft baked bread £1.20

The Viceroy of India restaurant table setting